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Ctrip six years in the second quarter profit highest international business income accounted for more than 35%

Date: 2019-09-10

Beijing time on September 10, ctrip (nasdaq stock code: CTRP) released as of June 30, 2019 in the second quarter financial results.Results show that in the second quarter of ctrip net operating income is 8.7 billion yuan, up 19% from a year earlier, compared with the previous quarter growth of 6%;Operating profit of 1.3 billion yuan, up 84% from a year earlier.

Operating profit margin is best in 6 years

To promote the efficiency of data show that benefit from the operation, the second quarter of the us gaap operating profit margin of 20%, compared to the same period of last year's 16%, are up 17% last quarter.This is also for six years, ctrip's best profit margins in the second quarter.

For the second quarter earnings, ctrip CEO to clsa said, "our team will continue to expand the depth and breadth of products cover to improve the quality of service, and to expand the brand influence both at home and abroad market.Our long-term development prospects of China and the global tourism industry have confidence and look forward to."

The efficiency of ascension also effect on growth performance has played a significant boost.

Results mentioned in the second quarter sales and marketing cost is RMB 2.1 billion yuan, accounting for 24% of the net operating income, and annulus compared decreased.

Can see that the second quarter of ctrip also has some new service policy to the ground.

These new services including, to the user to provide food and beverage, Spa, hotel accommodation products and services such as shuttle "in-store shopping mall" function, and solve the "booking hotel cannot be cancelled after the consumers" pain points "ladder hotel cancellation policy".At present, there are more than 20 m hotel to participate in the service plan, more than 300 residents as beneficiaries.

Ctrip CEO in the introduction to clsa operation situations mentioned in the second quarter of ctrip, its domestic business income of several times the industry growth rate of steady growth, the future, ctrip will continue to expand the market share, and other domestic competitors steadily pulled wide gap.

Store daily turnover reached 120 million yuan

Business level, ctrip's hotel booking business income is 3.4 billion yuan, up 21% year on year, more than 20% of the country's sixth consecutive quarter of growth.Among them, the low star hotel room nights five consecutive quarter rose by more than 50%.

Benefit from the demand of the international air ticket booking and ground traffic volume growth, ctrip traffic ticket revenue is RMB 3.4 billion yuan, up 13% from a year earlier.In addition, the tourism business operating income is 1.1 billion yuan, up 25% from a year earlier.Corporate travel management business operating income is 3. 0.9 billion yuan, up 21% from a year earlier.

Ctrip also disclosed in the earnings, the lower tier cities in China is to further expand the market share.From the perspective of the operational data store of results show that, the peak daily turnover more than RMB 120 million in the second quarter.

We observed low star hotel users continues to increase in the consumption of ctrip, we also for the vast majority of offline stores within 12 months pleasure to make a profit."Ctrip CFO Wang Xiaofan said.

Ctrip international business income accounted for more than 35%

Layout sink market is one of the strategies in the past few quarters ctrip, ctrip by another important strategy of "globalization" has been accelerated.

Results showed that ctrip group than in the second quarter of this year's international business accounted for revenue more than 35%, the international hotel and air ticket business growth over two times the growth in outbound tourism in China.

In addition to the airline ticket, hotel business growth abroad, ctrip after disclosure: the international train ticket business has more than 50 countries and regions layout, outside a taxi service has 47 countries covering Europe and the United States and southeast Asia, more than 785 cities.

"The long term, international layout will help ctrip into a bigger potential market, effectively improve product scale, reduce seasonal factors and dispersed regional potential risks from the uncertainty."Ctrip CEO to clsa said.

In addition, ctrip also announced a major investment in the first half of this year.

At the end of April, ctrip announced through the equity transfer become India's largest online travel enterprise the company's largest shareholder.And the investment, even by ctrip as the beginning of "business" for the third time.Analysis thinks, by upping the investment in the company, ctrip will deeply involved in India's rapid growth in the field of OTA important emerging markets.

Ctrip announced in August 30, finished with Naspers Limited. The equity transfer transactions, as India's leading online travel company the company's largest shareholder.

"In ctrip become the industry leader at the same time, also have an excellent chance to realize the goal of brand globalization."Ctrip co-founder and executive chairman James liang said.

For the business outlook, ctrip is expected in the third quarter of 2019 in net operating income growth rate of about 10% to 15%.The forecast reflects the ctrip according to the current situation make a preliminary judgment and may change.

By the eastern time closing on September 9, ctrip at $35.11 per share, up 0.52%.